What Sets us Apart

While government think tanks and scientists contemplate the hot topic of global warming, many everyday consumers are still wondering how they can make less of an impact on the planet without dropping out of society completely. Building a home is one of the most energy and resource-sapping activities we can do… This has been true until now…

Welcome to Levista Homes. We have designed a range of buildings and homes that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, sustainable and cyclone proof, where every room is comfortable to live in all year ’round. If you’re thinking of building a new home, you owe it to yourself, your family and your financial future to check out Levista Homes.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Builders

How Levista Homes Building Technologies work

Precision Wall™ super-strength, integrated-cell structures

Tread lightly on the earth

Termite Lock-out™

Multi-solid Flooring for stability and acoustic control

Building for a changing environment


Designed by Perfectionists

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